APPLIED MEDIA FLOOR GRAPHICS combine excellent safety standards, market leading durability and a unique clean removal adhesive system making them perfect for most locations including Rail Station Platforms, Shopping Malls, Exhibition Stands, Car Parks, Sports Stadia and High Footfall Walkways.

The Applied Media Floor Graphic System

  • Manufactured from a specialist blend of polymeric and fibre materials designed to provide exceptional durability and strength.
  • Utilises an advanced adhesive system to ensure a strong bond in situ and a clean lift with zero residue on removal.
  • Digitally printed in full colour using the latest 5 colour UV Ink technology.
  • The image is protected by a proprietary abrasive resistant and clear coating.
  • Incorporates a crystalline blend of aggregates for high level of slip and skid resistance.
  • Fully Cleanable ensuring you can maintain the pristine appearance of your Floor Graphic for the duration of your campaign.

Making the whole process easy

  • We supply the finished graphic panels to you from your own artwork and design.
  • We have an efficient National Floor Graphic Installation and Removal Service.
  • We are supported by almost 30 years contracting experience in external surface applications.

The Right Option for almost Any Location

  • Suitable for most OUTDOOR applications with a minimum life expectancy of 3 months.
  • Most INDOOR applications have a minimum life expectancy of 6 months.

Market Leading Product Performance

*NEW* Portable and reusable option

  • Can now be supplied as a Rubber Backed Mat allowing rapid install, portable and reusable large format Floor Graphics with the same industry leading safety and performance characteristics.

APPLIED MEDIA is a trading division of WJ NORTH LTD